Patch 1.4

  • Difficulty modes have been reworked:
    • Normal mode is a new difficulty that's less daunting than the old Normal mode
    • Hard mode is identical to the old Normal mode
    • Bad W*tch mode hasn't been changed, and is unlocked by clearing Hard mode
    • Boss Rush mode is now unlocked by clearing any mode
  • A HUD element for spell and ability cooldowns has been added and replaces the old X icon
  • Outfit changes:
    • Pirate Costume: ability cooldown is now 3 seconds (was 6)
  • Spell changes:
    • Concentration now slows enemies and their projectiles down by 60% (was 50%)
    • Manabomb's base detonation time is now 1.5 seconds (was 2)


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Nov 10, 2017

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